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All items sold - Admin please archive

Brushes SOLD. Razors now available $70 for both or $35 for the D.R. Harris and $40 for the EJ R352SR. (Shipped US only)

Price reduced for razors $75 for both or $45 for the EJ and $35 for the D.R. Harris.

If you've seen my den video you know I limit myself to a particular amount of items in terms of hardware. I've made some recent purchases and these items are casualties of my promise to my wife of not keeping too many items. My loss is your gain. The prices on these items include shipping CONUS only. Entire lot for $150 shipped or as priced individually below.

D.R. Harris Razor (EJ 89 Head) $40 shipped

Edwin Jagger R352SR in faux horn - Not very common $50 shipped.

Truefitt & Hill Woodstuck brush in best (used once) $50 shipped.

Vie Long Lord Randal in Brown Horsehair used once for test lathering and once for shaving $30 shipped. - I hate to get rid of this one but it's not expensive and I have no emotional attachment to it so it has to go to make room for my incoming Rudy Vey. (Great brush if you like backbone and scrubbiness)

[Image: Gp3EJ64.jpg]
[Image: do6sWZk.jpg]
[Image: 9b8Deyt.jpg]
[Image: sTj5n60.jpg]
[Image: ojoRQT5.jpg]
[Image: YKOYBZR.jpg]
[Image: ydH58qf.jpg]
[Image: tO1Y1w8.jpg]
[Image: JxMzRoE.jpg]
[Image: eiPcYkP.jpg]

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