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I tried straight shaving and never could master it. Remember I am the guy who can't be trusted with a zipper fly let alone a straight razor. I have finally, decided to admit defeat. Up for sale is a great starter package for the mere sum of $100.
1. A 6/8 Dovo Straight used about 6 Times
2. A certificate from Lynn Abrams for 1 free honing of the same razor.
3. Paddle Strop Black Ladago side Mar free. Brown side two gouges (I had difficulty learning to strop as well)The gouges do not seem to affect it's use.
4. Stick of Oxide sharpening paste
5. Box for razor.
[Image: gdArkBG.jpg]
[Image: CGnuO6f.jpg]
[Image: BvZDGkR.jpg]
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