05-08-2014, 08:01 AM
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***Brush sold pending payment. R89 Grande Still available.

More incoming stuff so that means there has to be some things leaving the den. Today I'm having a Muhle Sale.

R89 Grande $45 Shipped US Only
Olivewood Handle Brush STF V2.0 $45 shipped US Only
or BOTH for $80 shipped US only (both are in very good condition)

Here are links for reference: http://www.bullgooseshaving.com/muhle-31...ing-brush/


[Image: wODdkup.jpg]
[Image: fzbNQDS.jpg]
[Image: Yz3M1oX.jpg]
[Image: jQFWN7V.jpg]
[Image: JpMF7a4.jpg]
[Image: jBNlUSC.jpg]

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