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Wanted to restore this one yet keep it "vintage" looking.
I could have duplicated these scales with the wedge cut into the inner section of the scales but decided to clean up the factory ones. The blade I took to a factory type look as well with a brushed finish on the blade with some polish on the spine/shaft/tail.
The interesting part was duplicating the stamped washers. These are similar to the W&Bs being stamped from thin metal with a supporting washer under them.
I toyed with the idea of using some thin metal as the base, using a washer on top but it just didn't look right.
I made these out of one piece of Nickle Silver sheet.
Being solid I didn't have to worry about flattening them when peening.
Now the razor has an overall cared for but aged look.
And from limited research this would date as late as 1901 which makes sense looking at the style of this piece. Also, as the wording changed from Cutlers to his/her/their Majesties, Majesty etc. can date these razors more specifically as time went on.

[Image: NJw3lSe.jpg]

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