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I do plan on doing a number of PIF's (giveaways) to members of this forum. I do think it's a great place and the members here are top notch. So it's my way to give back to all of you!

So my question is this.... As to what YOU would prefer that I do for them. As I will continue to let the winner select the scent of their winnings for the most part *winks*, just because I have many scents as I do a lot of custom scenting products. But scent is very personal and I want the winning item to be used with a scent that is enjoyed. Rather than using what scent arrives and it may not be liked at all.

But would you prefer that I do several smaller sized winners (say 3-5 winners) or a single winner for a larger sized prize for lack of a better term?

When I say smaller, I'm not talking about a dinky sample piece of soap the size of a thumbnail, that you may get a single use out of and hard to at that being so small. But something that is quite usable perhaps more travel size. Like my sample pucks that are a bit more than an ounce, or sample blocks as I am calling them that are more like 20-24 grams. (there are 28 grams to an ounce)
image below if you want to see these. I use these for samples that I pop into packages when I mail orders out, but I cut them in half like a hamburger bun so you get a decent surface area to lather up with or it can be pressed into a bowl or whatnot.

my website is getting a facelift so these will be available once that has been completed and will be cheaper than my round pucks. I will offer both sample sizes as personal preference plays into effect here and it works the same for me to make either size and have plenty of molds to make them as they are made in single cavity silicone molds.

My second question to you is this..... regarding purchased samples of my DdC shaving soap. I haven't offered them on the DdC yet because I've been tossing around the best way to package them since it's a softer soap or croap. I was thinking of a small say a 10 or 20 gram jar similar to this image I found on google. Perhaps an 3/4" to 1" in diameter. Nice for balm samples but I'm not so sure about soap samples in that size of a container.
But I wasn't sure how usable this would be since it's a croap in a small jar. Which is why I am looking to you, the buyers for your preferences.

My other thought would be to put scent the croap and put it into the mold that I use for the sample blocks above or something similar and once removed putting it into a simple small zip style bag. That way the consumer could chill the bag to firm it up some before removing it from the bag and putting it into the bottom of the bowl of choice. For samples put into packages with orders I think this is what I am going to do, so I can offer the DdC as samples that are tucked with orders when I mail them out.

The jars would add onto the cost of the purchased sample just because small jars do have a cost, while the bags would be cheaper but would allow the buyer to put it into a more usable container since the soap is soft. Does that make sense? However it would also be just as easy to offer both options in the same listing letting the customer decide, unless you can make another suggestion that I haven't thought of yet.

But I wanted your feedback on what you the consumer would like to see offered, even if you don't plan on purchasing your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Just a side note........
As I do add samples of some kind with every order that is mailed out. If you do have a preference in product please let me know in the notes section of your order. I can't guarantee a scent as I make up my samples ahead of time in scents that I grab on a whim. So they are ready when I need them. But I can certainly try to get you a product you are curious about. Just remember to rate an opinion of a product on the bones of it and how it preforms. The scent can always be changed since scent is a very personal thing. What one person loves and can't get enough of, and other will think it's so-so with a take it or leave it attitude and another will hate with a passion equal to the first.

If you haven't taken the time to add your location to your profile I encourage you to do so. Even if you just write what country you live in, or state rather than the exact city/town/village etc. Sometimes that information can be helpful to others if you are asking a question and want feedback, help or answers. I know others would appreciate knowing what country your located in when answering questions as well as many times knowing that will change how they answer your question. It's not that hard, ask if you are unsure how. But that is something I do look at as a vendor, as I will often offer to send a free sample to a member if appropriate when a question is asked in the forum. I know I can't make everything to please everyone, but I do aim to please and make products that will be enjoyed and used by my customers. So if you have something in mind you think might be a good addition to my store inventory drop me a PM with that info and it's something I will consider if possible.

Thanks for the feedback help and what you would prefer for my giveaways and what you think about packaging options for my DdC shaving soap.


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I like the your idea option of small multiple giveaways. The choice of scent is a very nice touch. As far as your croap packaging the bag works best as I would push it out into a bowl or large tin. Hope this helps.

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(05-09-2014, 08:38 PM)eengler Wrote: I like the your idea option of small multiple giveaways. The choice of scent is a very nice touch. As far as your croap packaging the bag works best as I would push it out into a bowl or large tin. Hope this helps.

+ one

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