05-11-2014, 10:29 AM
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Hello Fellow Pennies,
Happy Mother's Day!

ML got a pen for Mother's Day from me. It is a Montverde Limited Edition Walt Disney Fantasia pen.

This pic shows the wrapped pen during brunch. You can't see the pen but I like the pic because the wrapping paper goes with the flowers - complete coincidence mind you.
[Image: raF54q2.jpg]

The pen came in a nice presentation case.
[Image: 9wKDals.jpg]

The cardboard outer box has a sticker that says 0074/1940. Upon seeing this ML stated "Anyone could make that sticker".
When she opened the pen she saw the end finial was engraved with the same info.
[Image: JcWGKTG.jpg]

The cap has a musical note on the finial.
[Image: SDkmrHZ.jpg]

This is the pen. The body is clear acrylic and the Winter Sprites scene from Fantasia is hand painted on the inside. There is a blue agate in the clip. A nice touch.
[Image: wL14oAG.jpg]

[Image: r89LGch.jpg]

And capped.
[Image: jbiWbcU.jpg]

ML using a lighted 20X eye loupe (a gift from Freddy) to examine the nib. The nib is 14kt gold.
[Image: ua3eJhR.jpg]

Lastly is ML using it.
[Image: 8edExAj.jpg]

She loaded Pilot Tsuyu-Kusu (Asiatic Day Flower recommended by Brian). It's blueBiggrin of course.

Her review: "The pen is well balance and has a decent heft even though it is acrylic. It writes like a dream. It is a fine nib but leaves a medium sized wet line with this ink. I think it is the smoothest pen I own. It glides across the paper. I love it."

I tried it. It is noticeably smoother than every pen I own. It is incredible.


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 05-11-2014, 10:49 AM
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Wow, that's beautiful... and it's BLUE! (What a surprise! Laughing1 )

Happy Mother's Day, Mary Lou.

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