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Up for sale is a very nice Tulip 1 in Super from Simpson. I got this brush very recently and it didn't shine for me. I lathered it 3 or 4 times. I have a few brushes and I fear this one just wouldn't get the use so off it goes!

I got the brush from Minimalist and this is what he said about the brush:

Lightly used (less than a month) Simpson Tulip 1 in Super badger as it is presented. Boxed with Blue/Grey Simpson packaging. Perfect sized brush for face lathering. nice backbone but also good flowthru. You will find this is NOT a tiny brush. One of the most beautiful Simpson profiles originally tuned in Ivory. Simpson Gold foil badging intact.

Passing on the great deal I got. $85.00 SHIPPED with Tracking to USA address

[Image: yryvuryt.jpg]

[Image: yruhu4ym.jpg]

[Image: ubemy5u9.jpg]


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