05-12-2014, 02:34 PM
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Two items up for sale today. Prices include US shipping. Just ask for extra needed to cover international shipping.

SOLD 1 - men-u uber LE synth brush set: $30. Brush used 1x. This is a limited edition, #491 of 2000. The cream & stand were never used. More info about the set can be seen here: http://www.men-u.co.uk/product/uber-shaving-brush/

Apparently the original price is crazy (IMO) at £125. I paid £50, but that was probably still too much. The bristles are mostly black, but there is some white coloring throughout. The brush handle is very cool, but I didn't love the bristles. I found them a bit too tough for face lathering. Considering that, I will sell for less than half of what I paid.

[Image: czvxGM5l.jpg]
[Image: uQ1NlZZl.jpg]

SOLD 2 - Replated Gillette New bar handle: $10. This handle was replated in nickel, by Sam Duran (aka Krona Kruiser). Very sleek looking. There is one spot that feels a bit rough, which I tried to show in the first picture (right around the bottom 1/3). I'm not sure if it was a stabilized crack or just the replating.

[Image: qnzs8DVl.jpg]
[Image: fRbYStql.jpg]

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 05-14-2014, 06:27 PM
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Both sold. Please archive.

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