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I piked up a Wardonia open comb "All Metal" razor recently as part of a haul, and today decided to load it up and use it. Below is a link to a Wardonia collection site. The All Metal is at the top left. It is a very handsome razor, and I think the barrel might be silver plated. The ball and flute (as I call it, the bit at the other end) appears to me to be aluminium, but I can't say for sure).


I used it with an Astra Super Platinum, wanting a good, all-round blade so I could get a good sense of the hardware itself. And boy, what shave this thing gave. No exaggeration! You can see it's based on a Gillette Old Type, but IMO, the Wardonia is superior to my 1909 Old Type in terms of aggression, smoothness and result.

And when I say "aggressive", I mean AGGRESSIVE...but not so's that means a bad shave; far from it. I would put this razor slightly ahead of the R41 2013. Truly. Audibles are great; no blade chatter, but a tool to wield with respect and attention. The first touch on the face and I was thinking ...whoaaaaa....careful here.... I can see I am going to be using this razor for some time to come, but it's probably one I will need to lay down for a few weeks here and there to let my face rest.

The Wardonia "All Metal" provides a wonderful, close shave and it the kind of device you could use for a quick one-pass reasonable shave. 2 pass is as good as it gets with a DE. 3 pass and tidy up? My face isn't just BBS; it's like glass. If you see one of these, my advice is to grab it quick. If R41s and Old Types are your thing, then you really need to add one of these to your arsenal.

Wardonia All Metal: the New Black

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