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I'm really getting into slants. I'd love to trade for a Razorock Stealth but I'm open to anything. I'd also love to trade for an M&F or other high quality brush. Here's a list of what I have for trade. I haven't posted pics because there's so much stuff. I can send pics as needed. I'm looking for trades first. In a day or two, I'll post prices.

SOAPS: most are very lightly used
Tiki Tallow soap x2
Wm Neumann 1911 8 0z
Mama Bear Awakenings Mentholated
Queen Charlotte Soap Irish Tweed
Yeti Snot in a TOBS container
5 Shaving Yeti Samples - new
2 Stirling Samples - new
3 Mikes Samples - new
Petal Pusher Ciderhouse 5
TOBS Rose Cream
Body Shop Maca Root
Acca Kappa 1869
Irish Moos Tube
Proraso Red Tube
Proraso Blue Tube
Speick Tube
Seagrapes Studio Black Amber Musk
Saint Charles Soap - 2 or 3 tins, 2 samples
Haslinger Marigold - new

2 Omega boar, 1 is new in box
Vie Long horse hair
Everready reknotted w/silvertip, loose weight in the handle (I can explain!)
Century Badger reknotted w/super badger
Semogue SOC Ash Boar - new in box
Muhle HJM synthetic

Black Tip Super Speed
ton of Gems
Parker TTO

Floid Vigoroso 99%
Floid Blue 400 ml decanted from a larger bottle
Malizia Uomo 99%
St Charles Shave Sandalwood Cologne - 95%
Roberts Rose 75%
Trumper Coral Skin Food 80%
Slick Water95%
Proraso Green Preshave Cream - 95%
Razorock Aftershave Wax - New
St Charles Shave Bay Rum w/a Twist Aftershave Milk - 75%

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 05-14-2014, 01:23 AM
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Where are you from?
If you want to sell anything tell me, i'm interest in sone things.

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 05-14-2014, 04:39 AM
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What scents are the Tiki soaps?

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