05-15-2014, 09:23 AM
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I own an Edwin Jagger 89 Barley and 2 equivalent Merkurs (one of them a 180, i think) and I have to admit the Razorock Mission is a pretty good competitor to those two. To me the feel of the handle is Merkur-esque and the head is Jagger-like.
For half the price of these two, and if I was looking at these razors, the Mission is the way to go.
For me, I'll be keeping the EJ because it was gifted to me by the Mrs. But if there was no attachment to it, I'd be selling it. With the Mission, adios Merkurs due to the weight of the Razorock handle.
I once read the build quality wasn't quite there, and that was the reason it was cheaper than the two bigger companies, but I didn't notice a thing wrong with mine. It was beautiful and felt solid quality. I can't believe its only $20.
The Shave was great. Reviews of it being somewhat mild had me going with a Feather blade, but it was very similar to the jagger and I got a few nicks. I use a Derby with my Barley which works fine for me. I'll probably go that route next time.

$20 for this razor. What are you waiting for?

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