05-16-2014, 04:27 AM
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Not being a frequent user of after shave balms I decided that for $5.00 I could try out this Jack Black version. It was up against Nivea Extreme Comfort Balm which I have on hand for the few, thankfully, occasions I royally screw up and give myself razor burn.

I used it this after this mornings shave for no other reason than to try it out. The Jack Black did indeed have a cooling sensation and did not leave my face feeling greasy after using it. I suspect it would work well in calming irritated skin.

I was surprised when I checked out the retail price on the Jack Black balm as compared to the Nivea balm I had relied on. For the substantial cost difference I will be sticking with the Nivea version when I need more in the future as both appear to be able to do a similar job well.


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