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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I have a Vintage Orient Diver, circa 1984 I believe. I recently got the watch serviced by a Swiss watchmaker in Montreal and was told that it is impossible to make it water proof again because of the un-availability of the small plastics flanges. I have used the services of this person in the past and am always satisfied, however I cannot understand that it is impossible to repair and make water tight again.

In this regard, does anyone know of a jeweller, watch repair service they can suggest or refer me too, who would be able to deal with this issue. It is not an expensive watch but I love the look and I hate wearing currently as it always fogs up. By the way someone had mentioned a great watch repair service in the Detroit area, who specializes in this type of work; but I have forgotten the name of the shop.

All advice would be greatly appreciated. And Happy Shaving to all.



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