05-21-2014, 05:04 PM
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Here is a nice selection all for one price. This is CONUS only and Paypal only please. Just send me a PM, first come, first served!

A (perhaps 1/4) hollow D.C. Halsted 13/16 straight that is SHAVE READY. A seriously wide blade with the original scales that read "The Old English Razor." Have done my best to show all angles - has normal wear for a razor that is 110 years old or so.

A broken in Semogue 620 boar brush, a 3" leather strop by Petrzelka (has crease in the leather that does not affect stropping and an unused tub of Barbiere di Figaro Mistero - a classic scent. The first $77.00 takes it!

[Image: UY0GXual.jpg]

[Image: TYdgac4l.jpg]

[Image: f0sKygMl.jpg]

[Image: 1cg1n4rl.jpg]

[Image: pBuKjV5l.jpg]

[Image: HnNU602l.jpg]

[Image: w5t9TRel.jpg]

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