05-22-2014, 10:01 AM
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Up for sale are a few great items. Prices are inclusive of shipping conus. I will ship the brush and/or razor international and charge exact shipping. I'd prefer not to ship the aftershaves overseas.

[Image: IMG_3022_zps8fbf2e7f.jpg]
Rudy Vey w/Muhle v2 knot. I love Rudy's brushes. I own 7 others! I'm just not a synthetic guy. Brush has only been lathered a handful of times.

Knot diameter at the top of the handle - 25mm.
Loft - 55mm.
Handle height - 59mm.

$60 shipped SOLD!

[Image: IMG_3024_zps9d6f4a1d.jpg]
Merkur 37c slant with an Elite Razor custom pheasant handle. These sell for $96 direct from Elite. Mine - $65 shipped.

It's a great razor but I just scored an Ikon and I find myself reaching for that one more. If I hadn't found the Ikon, I would have remained very happy with this one.

[Image: IMG_3026_zps1714098c.jpg]
I love both of these aftershaves but SWMBO doesn't! The bottle on the left is 100 ml of Floid Blue decanted. The other is Floid Vigoroso. If you like menthol, you'll love both of these. Selling as a pair - $25 shipped

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 05-22-2014, 02:20 PM
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Cant believe i missed out on that RV synthetic. I still have a couple of brushes to enjoy soon.

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