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Note: This review is recovered from the old review section for archival reasons.

Personal thoughts:

A year ago I could not of written this review as in 50+ years of shaving I had never used a cartridge razor. Upon a challenge I tried one and now I own two. I am quite impressed with the quality of shaves I get from these two razors and both are in my regular rotation.

At one time I was very closed minded about cartridge razors and after using these I realize just how closed minded I was. The razor does not make the man. As the forum names indicates, we are a "wet shaving" forum, not a razor shaving forum. So lather up with your favorite brush and soap and give one a try if you have not. If you have tried them and don't like them, well, that's alright too. To each his own.


The Gillette has a power button on top that lights up when turned on. It also lets you know when the battery is getting low.

The Gillette gel strip is actually impregnated with the gel and it starts to fade after three or four shaves. Unlike what Gillette advertises, I do not find that it is time to switch the blade just because the strip turns white. I can easily get 7+ shaves out of the blade.

It has an additional trimmer blade on top for sideburns and such.

It is easy to attach and unattach the blade cartridge from the razor.

Five blades is a lot of blades and without the power feature I could not use on the first pass without some discomfort and pulling. No I do not believe the power feature has anything to do with helping to raise the whiskers. There is just something about that high speed vibration/buzz that helps make it very smooth. I used this feature on the first pass only. The razor requires no pressure to make it work. I see absolutely no problem getting 7-10 shaves out of a cartridge.

Gillette Pros:

Single speed power switch
Nimble around the nose area
Balanced feel in the hand
Almost BBS in two passes
Little to no irritation

Gillette Cons:

Well, eventually you have to replace the AAA battery
Cost of shave cartridges

The Gillette is available in two nice color options, Blue and Silver.

[Image: TkATYN0.jpg] [Image: SnGVSFI.jpg]

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Johnny, I own one of these and I must say that while I will use it when time is short or I do not have a DE blade available, such as when I am flying somewhere, it in no way offers me the same quality shave that a good DE or SE razor does. Add to that the fact that the cost of blade to shave is still considerably less when using a DE vs. a Fusion and I remember why a Gillette Fusion or Schick Hydro 5 is not in my regular rotation. To each his own. Cool

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