05-26-2014, 01:55 AM
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A friend sent me a sampler and the Big Bens were part of the package. I decided to try one this morning and wasn't expecting much as it seemed to be packaged as one of Lord's lower line products. Single wrapped. No wax spots and slightly hazy markings.

I used it in a Weber. Lathered up with Proraso White using a 620 and shaved (two days' growth.) It isn't as smooth as a coated blade but I felt no tugs across all three passes. It has a bit more audible feedback than an Astra SP. Sharpness was decent but with my technique and kit, would probably go CCS at best. Even after three passes and clean up, BBS was a remote prospect.

Alum bloc revealed faint sting in some areas but otherwise, all was good.

Am not sure how much these sell for, but if it is priced lower than Astra, I wouldn't mind picking up a few more to use during more sensitive days, or when I need to tame a razor that's a little too aggressive for my skin.

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 05-26-2014, 03:42 AM
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They're cheap at Connaught here in the UK

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