05-29-2014, 04:11 AM
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My Original Shaving Soap will now be packaged in a 3.7" diameter pot. I had received a report from a customer stating that it was difficult to load the brush from the pot (2.87" diam.) I have been using.

I personally have had no problems loading an assortment of different sized brushes from these pots and getting excellent results face or bowl lathering, however I do listen to customers suggestions and strive for the best product possible. There is always room for improvement and since I had sourced these larger pots for our Classic Shaving Pucks, I made the decision to package our Original in these new pots as well.

The Original Soft Shaving Soap is curing on the rack and will be available in the new 3.7" pot next week in both Savon Fragrance No.1 & No.2.

The Classic Shaving Soap will be offered in a 3.7" pot or as a refill in both Savon Fragrance No.1 & No.2 and I will have that reflected in my online store by tomorrow afternoon.

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