05-31-2014, 05:31 PM
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Well Gents,

Relist, previous buyer was in the US and I didn't realise it until I checked the address in my Paypal. Basically it was going to cost me more to send it than what I was selling it for! Blush

So same deal. Looking for $25 delivered in OZ via Paypal.

It is a 99% full Castle Forbes pre-shave that I acquired new. used approx. 2 times amidst a myriad of other products. I now always shower before my shave and so don't reach for any of my pre-shaves. As this one is full I prefer to pass it on to another rather than leave it sitting in my cupboard.

[Image: ygSbtPB.jpg]



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 05-31-2014, 07:18 PM
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Sold! For the second and final time :-)

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