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I was lucky to be picked as one of the recipients of this cream as part of a give-away on TSN in early May. Once again – I want to thank Simpsons for the opportunity to try out this cream. All that was asked in return was that the recipients post a review of the cream. I had meant to post this review earlier but vacation(!) and then work got in the way. Better late than never of course.

I will break my review into:
1. Fragrance
2. Latherability
3. Performance (esp. protection during shave)
4. Post shave
5. Summary
[Image: nT5cIik.jpg]
Here goes:
1. Fragrance: 7/10
As I opened the jar and took a sniff – I had 2 thoughts.

First, the cream is mildy scented – which is a positive in my book. The fragrance is strong enough to be detected before and during the shave – but is gone after. In this particular case – the mint provides a slight cooling but if you’re expecting a menthol blast – you will be disappointed.

Second, Simpson claims that all variants of this creams are scented only with essential oils. This rings true and my cream smells like a few sprigs of mint and rosemary plucked fresh from the garden. Again – this cream smells nothing like most super-cool-menthol shaving creams – the final effect is much more subtle.

Overall – I was pleased with the fragrance. If I had to summarize in one word – it would be unobtrusive.

2. Latherability: 8/10
This cream – list most creams I have tried – lathers very quickly. Since the cream lathers so quickly and Simpson cream is very concentrated – so there is a risk of under-hydrating the lather. Some trial & error is recommended to figure out the optimal water-cream ratio. Since the cream is very concentrated – a pea sized amount is ample for a 2-3 pass shave.

I was able to get dense, shiny, elastic lather with very fine/no bubbles relatively quickly. No complaints.

3. Performance: 7.5/10
My skin is easily irritated and so protection from nicks/scratches & irritation (bumps, redness etc) is my primary criterion. I have tried this cream several times now – and it perform admirably. No nicks or weepers & did a good job of minimizing irritation. I would put it just a hair below the best cream I’ve tried in this dept – Al’s Shaving Cream. Similarly – it is also a hair below than my best soaps in this department. Very competent though and equal to or better than most popular creams including 3Ts, Proraso etc.

4. Post shave: 8/10
Skin was left smooth and hydrated. Perhaps just a hair below the best post-shave soaps like MW or Mike’s – but very good overall.

5. Summary: 8/10
This is a very competent entrant to the somewhat crowded shaving cream market. A 125ml jar retails for ~$25 at online US retailers like Bullgoose and Simpson claims that it will last 2+ months – which I don’t doubt given the concentration.

If you favor creams and like natural scented products – you should certainly give it a whirl.

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 06-01-2014, 11:16 AM
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Vinny, lovely review and enjoy the cream! Smile

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 11-16-2014, 07:45 PM
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I got a sample of this from Garry and I like it a lot. Such an unusual pairing of scents that, as sometimes happens, compliment each other so well. I don't think I like it enough to buy a full tin, but I really enjoyed my shave - wonderful scent and great lather. Simpsons definitely knows how to make good cream.
(like their brushes too)

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 11-17-2014, 10:16 AM
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+1,that scent is one of my favorite.Just got a tin of it & am very happy with it.Nice review...Thanks

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 11-17-2014, 11:21 AM
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Nice review!

I had a luxury (unscented) cream, thought it was superb, but lacked some scent (obviously!).

Now i have to try some of these new (scented) creams Biggrin

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