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Nearly three months into my extended experiment of alternating use of a Schick Hydro cartridge razor that I have been using daily since 2010 with a DE razor (a Standard Razors RAW with Gillette Silver Blue blades), I have discovered the limits (on my beard) of the GSBs.

Roughly, I have been switching between the razors on a (short) weekly rotation. Last week, June 2 to 6, I was on the DE side of the cycle, and used the Standard Razors DE for five days, all with the same GSB blade. Each morning, after the shave, I disassembled the razor and blotted the blade on a towel, leaving the razor dry and disassembled until the next morning. The first four shaves were fine, and on fifth day, I noticed a bit of tugging as I shaved, but the result was o.k.

We were out of town over the weekend, and I took the Schick razor with me, as a cartridge razor is easier to carry in a Dopp kit and to use in a motel's bathroom than a DE razor is. So the DE blade went unused, but clean and dry, for three days.

So this morning, back at home, there is the disassembled razor and blade staring at me from the medicine cabinet, and I decide, what the heck, let's see how many shaves I can squeeze out of this GSB; this would be the sixth shave on the same blade. I lathered up, did a full and conscientious first pass, and rinsed off my face, and . . .

It was just as if I had "shaved" with the razor with no blade in it at all. My face was covered with stubble, and the stubble seemed no shorter than it had been before I had "shaved." So I changed the blade to a brand new GSB, lathered up again, and did a second pass . . . which resulted in a BBS.

I know now the maximum number of shaves that I can get on my face with a GSB. It is fewer than six. What I am wondering now is whether the blade went dull some time during the course of the fifth shave, or whether it held on to the end of the fifth shave and then went out suddenly, like a fuse blowing, between the fifth and sixth shaves.

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