06-12-2014, 05:29 AM
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Yep, this just happened...The Hammer of Thor is for sale. (Pils) It's one of the finest razors ever crafted but not the best shaver for me. I am selling it for $215 shipped CONUS only. The razor is in very good condition. It has a slight defect on one side which you can see in Pic #3. Other than that (which isn't very noticeable) it's in great shape. Here is a link for reference: http://www.royalshave.com/p/401-084-00/p...101ne.html

[Image: AiRS9NT.jpg]
[Image: KS3tcx9.jpg]
[Image: MFtREdh.jpg]
[Image: CbAJNhc.jpg]
[Image: qrI5nmU.jpg]
[Image: 7u4bW8w.jpg]

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