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I have a couple of items that I would like to put up for sale. I'm so glad that I can finally sell & trade with fellow members as opposed to that popular auction site. All prices include shipping, and I can have them packed up and on their way as soon as tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like more photos of the items listed:
[Image: Nqw87lF.jpg]
[Image: ZtuXOFa.jpg]
[Image: GL8lUgd.jpg]
1. Gillette Fatboy (D4) - Mechanically sound, TTO and adjusts as advertised. There is some plate loss on the inside of the doors. I bought this with hopes of having it re-plated, but it just doesn't get used. Here is your chance to own a Fatboy...How about $44 shipped SOLD...Thanks Bob!!

[Image: JLpOjfI.jpg]
2. Semogue 1305 Brush - This guy needs no introduction. Great brush only had it a couple weeks just about broken in. -- $12 shipped. SOLD..Thanks Craig!!
[Image: RTzIh9p.jpg]
3. Vie Long - Lord Randal in White Horse Hair -- Surprisingly soft for a horse hair brush, the handle alone is a beauty. Owned it for a month, so I took care of the break-in for you. These are currently out of stock from their exclusive vendor. Item Specs: Knot-24mm, Loft 52mm, Overall 113mm -- $36 shipped--Going to have handle re-knoted!

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