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Hey gentlemen, hope everybody is well. I am moving soon and working on parting ways with some of the items that do not see much use. CONUS & Paypal preferred, if we are SPF please pay in a timely fashion, please do not post "PM Sent." Prices include shipping with tracking.

Tabac stick - unused - $15

[Image: kbxZiNSl.jpg]

Merkur HD - Original owner, no box. This was my go to razor last summer. In overall excellent condition except for one or two blemishes in the plating under the head. Photos included to illustrate this, but this is fairly common for Merkur - $30

[Image: W7GsHFIl.jpg]
[Image: y0toINJl.jpg]
[Image: 8mifRIll.jpg]

Captain's Choice North - unused - $20 - WITHDRAWN

Up for trade -

Rooney Finest in faux horn, style 2. I am looking to trade this for a Simpsons Manchurian. I would look at all handle styles except for Chubby and Classic. My preference is for a Tulip 3 in Butterscotch, but please PM me if you have others. If you don't have a Manchurian you could always drop ship one to me. I am not looking to sell at this time.

Specs - 21mm knot, 53mm loft, 56mm handle. This brush is in excellent condition, it does not shed, and it includes a red Rooney box. This brush has strong backbone, so if you press it hard into your face you will feel scritch, otherwise it is a very comfortable brush. This brush is very dense and blooms nicely. You would hardly know it has a smaller knot, because it has the face feel of a much larger brush - COMPLETED

Krona replated Fatboy G2 - I bought this unused from a member of another forum and used it for about a week. Everyone here knows Krona does excellent work and is currently on a hiatus. The razor is in excellent condition, all the paint is still there, I just get better shaves from a Slim. So I would like to trade this for a REALLY nice Slim, must be something special. I would prefer a replate, but if you have one in excellent original condition, I would consider that as well. A replate from ATT or Restored Razors would really make me happy. Would be willing to make up any differences in value with cash. If this does not trade I will happily sell it, two weeks from now - TRADED

Semogue/RazoRock Amici - well on it's way to be being broken in, but if you ask me, not quite there yet. Original owner, no shedding issues - $80 - SOLD

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