06-19-2014, 12:13 PM
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I would like to buy a Gillette NI head that can be mounted to a standard handle. I have a Big Fellow with an NI head and really love it, but it's a T-style razor, meaning the bottom plate of the head is attached to the handle. I would like to have a travel setup with an NI head, as the Big Fellow is a bit large and I really don't want to bring it with me on travel as it is my only NI Gillette and really the Only Gillette I currently shave with. I tried them all, but the NI is the only one that I ended up shaving with. In fact, my NI Big Fellow is currently my daily driver and I have little desire to use any other DE at the moment.

So if anyone has an NI head in good shape as far as teeth and mechanics(I really don't care about the finish as I'll probably have it replated), please let me know.


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