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I’m starting to thin out my razor herd. This round is three DEs, one SE and an injector.

Only the GEM remains.

1 – GEM 1912. In ‘as found” condition. Heavy tarnish. However, mechanically very fine. Beautiful ornate handle. Nothing bent. $12.

2 – SOLD POMCO? A slant also in as-found condition. Handle has “CHICAGO ILL” Below that “GERMANY” There is a crack in the base, some corrosion. Fair to poor condition. However, if you’re wanting to try a slant, here’s a low cost opportunity. I’ll sell it for about a buck over postage. $5.

3 – SOLD Gillette NEW long comb. Safety bar handle. No bent teeth. $17

4 – SOLD EJ DE86 with faux ebony handle. The head is identical to the popular DE89. This one has no issues. The black handle was my preference among EJ. $27.

5 – SOLD An Eversharp Schick Model G1 (I think) with textured finish. It was an estate sale find. I cleaned it. It looks like its been rapped regularly by its prior owner as the edges of the head show some peening. I’ve shaved with it and found no issues. $8

All prices include shipping to lower 48 states. Other (non-CONUS) locations to be determined. Paypal please. Ask questions. I can send close up photos if necessary.

Mostly I just need to start reducing my razor volume. This is round one. There will be more to come. Thanks

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