06-22-2014, 07:19 AM
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This brush belonged to the grandfather of SWMBO. MIL found it at their cottage. I washed it up and found it handily outperforms my Parker boar bristle. Now, a few questions:

Model no. Opposite of label says 208. Yet when I Google that it doesn't show anywhere. Is that correct?

About how old is this? He passed away in the late 60's. So I know it's at least that old.

Can anyone tell me if that's badger or boar hair? The knot is holding together quite well for its age. I Will eventually replace it, but as long as it's holding together, I think I'll save my $$$.

I have yet to see another like it anywhere I have looked. (I'm sure they're out there.) Any info would be greatly appreciated. [Image: yma8emag.jpg][Image: emyvyqy5.jpg]

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