06-23-2014, 03:17 PM
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Good day everyone,

Up for grabs is a nice condition DE razor who needs no introduction, the Gillette 'Slim' adjustable.
No plate loss, adjusts nicely, end-caps are present, and safety bars are straight. The paint is mostly all missing from the #'s though.
If you would like an assortment of DE blades too, I'll throw some in on the house.
$42 shipped 1st class mail to all CONUS addressees.

Thanks for looking, and have an outstanding day!
[Image: a7yhaty3.jpg]
[Image: nu6uda9e.jpg]
[Image: rebuge9e.jpg]
[Image: mu7u5a5y.jpg]
[Image: e8u2e8an.jpg][Image: u3yzyre4.jpg]
[Image: e8ejeraj.jpg]
[Image: asadyvaq.jpg]
[Image: se3abaga.jpg]
[Image: 7uvabyre.jpg]

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