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I ordered the below soap from Larry at Cold River Soap Works. I knew before I unwrapped the puck that I would not be able to use this. The EO/FO oils used in this soap will irritate my face. I recognized the scent right away. If you would be interested in this new, un-used, unwrapped soap with tub, I would let you have it for what I paid, which is listed below.

Cold River Soap Works Order Confirmation
Thank you for your order!
Shipping Address

Johnny Petree
Wausau, WI 54403

Billing Information

PayPal Transaction # 74J87604YG492171V
Johnny Petree
Order Receipt
American Barber Shop
OPTIONS: Soap With Tub $11 $11.00
Subtotal $11.00
coupon SHAVENOOK1 $-1.10
Shipping $3.50
Total $13.40

[Image: 9TVQFQu.jpg]
[Image: 0bod6V1.jpg]

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