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J. Keunen 43 Garantie Solingen Anvers 13/16" with Ebony scales (blade is free of any blemishes) $123 - € 90 postage signed for included

[Image: j.-keunen-43-garantie-solingen-anvers-13...0022-a.jpg]

[Image: j.-keunen-43-garantie-solingen-anvers-13...0022-c.jpg]

[Image: j.-keunen-43-garantie-solingen-anvers-13...0022-d.jpg]

[Image: j.-keunen-43-garantie-solingen-anvers-13...0022-e.jpg]

[Image: j.-keunen-43-garantie-solingen-anvers-13...0022-f.jpg]

[Image: img_0616.jpg]

Hugo Müller Solingen Wald 13/16" with Sonokeling Rosewood scales (bought NOS, honed and the plastic scales where replaced with wooden ones, blade is free of any blemishes, there is one small pit that has epoxy filling in one scale, only became apparent after polishing, the wood was delivered that way). $108 - € 79 postage signed for included SOLD

[Image: hugo-mu0308ller-solingen-wald-13003a160022-d.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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 06-30-2014, 04:29 AM
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Nice razors, rosewood is my drug but Ive got to hold off and save my money until someone posts a Fila 14...now I am rethinking it all...GLWTS if I dont contact you for it in a few hours.

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