06-30-2014, 03:11 AM
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Lots sale U.S. Only. Lot #1 $100 Shipped, Lot #2 $65 Shipped. You can have both Razor lots for $120.00 (Rooney Brush is sold)

Lot #1 Parker 26C Excellent Condition, Merker 43C w/Stainless Handle Excellent Condition, Merkur 38C Blue Excellent Condition Price = $100 bucks for the Lot shipped.

Lot #2 Vintage SE Lot Gem G-Bar Very good condition, GEM Featherweight Very good condition, Star SE some brassing but in otherwise good condition, Ever-Ready 24/14 some scratching on the head and slight brassing but in good condition, Gem Flying Wing some brassing on handle but good condition. Price = $65 for the Lot Shipped

**Rooney w/Finest knot for sale $75 shipped - SOLD

[Image: uMdoNKH.jpg]
[Image: ZWtO0uy.jpg]
[Image: 35ThU8Y.jpg]
[Image: 3fWbkXg.jpg]
[Image: CHedQka.jpg]
[Image: ZER6mOe.jpg]
[Image: WYNpx9h.jpg]
[Image: iRtxJ3d.jpg]
[Image: ISlNINa.jpg]

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