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The Moderators of The Shave Nook intend this sub-forum to be a fun place where you can kvetch and complain in a good-natured way about virtually any mundane topic or activity with a few caveats.

We recognize that certain topics are divisive, and we would rather not have those topics brought up or deliberated on here at all. Such topics include, but are not restricted to: politics (in any form), religion, display of or discussion on firearms, contentious scientific topics (evolution, climate change, etc.), sex and sexual orientation, etc.

Please bear in mind that a seemingly mild comment on (for example) a politician or political event can quickly result in a thread becoming a politically-charged one. So avoid such comments, if at all possible.

We'd prefer not to be put in a position where we have to step in and handle things ourselves. We thank you for exercising restraint here. There are other internet forums where you are welcome to discuss these topics, and we encourage you to use them.

Thank you.

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