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Hi everyone -

Up are a few nice items that I do not get around to using. All items include CONUS shipping. I will ship everything via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking. Also I will ship internationally if we can come to an arrangement on shipping price (I usually meet halfway or include shipping, but I cannot guarantee tracking information). Unfortunately the Fine AS/soap combo cannot be shipped internationally due to alcohol content. Also please note that through the rest of this week, getting these items out might be tricky because of the US holiday on Friday and the potential Tropical Storm/Hurriance Arthur impending arrival. I will do my best, but please keep this in mind.

(1) Semogue TSN LE in mixed badger/boar. 22mm knot/55mm height. Number 19. This is the first and (to me) the best of of the Shave Nook special edition brushes, first introduced during the summer of 2012. This is a blend of Finest badger hair and 90% tops boar hair (see guide here). It has the fabled Rooney Finest characteristics in my opinion; despite its long height, it has tremendous backbone and so can retain water and heat better. It is a great face-lathering soap brush, but really can handle anything. The handle was a special design and no longer in production. It has both an ergonomic and art deco feel to it.

I bought this for $65 and considering these were a very limited run I would like to get back what I paid: $65. SOLD! Thanks streetcoroner and TSN!

(2) Klenzo B895 bakelite with TGN Finest fan knot. 20mm/48mm. This is one of my prized possessions and a great representative of a bakelite handle restore. The knot is a great fan-shaped knot and can handle any face-lathering and bowl-lathering and soaps and creams. I bought it for $25, which I think is a steal and so that's what I'm looking for: $25. SOLD! Thanks toidbb and TSN!

(3) Fine American Blend Aftershave and RazoRock soap combination. Both have been used once. These were part of a very recent release via a joint Italian Barber/Fine collaboration and both are great products which obviously complement each other incredibly. Both the soap and aftershave are top-quality, with the soap especially having the great tallow RazoRock base and the barbershop American Blend scent. The scent definitely brings you back to watching your father (or grandfather) shave like you remember growing up, but more refined. The aftershave retails for $16 and the soap for $12 (and both are out of stock at IB). So I was thinking $25 shipped for both. SOLD! Thanks GMofmiami and TSN!

(4) Tiki Bar Soaps Surf's Up and Salty Air tallow-based shaving soaps. The Surf's Up has been used once (and mashed into the container) and the Salty Air is unused. Both are great summer scents and definitely remind me of the the ocean with the salty/sweetness in the air. These are both tallow-based soaps with a great ingredient base. These both retail for $15 new, and only one has been used once, so how about $25 shipped? SOLD! Thanks streetcoroner and TSN!

(5) Provence Sante Green Tea shaving soap in terracotta bowl. 3.5 ounces. Used only once (can still see the guy's face on puck itself). A classic French vegetable-based soap with a fresh green tea scent. Provence Sante incorporates glycerin, shea butter and luzenac talc into the soap, which provides great glide and cushioning and moisturizing post-shave feel. The terracotta bowl should be as iconic as the Mitchell's Wool Fat ceramic dish or the Tabac glass bowl, and it provides a stable holding grip with a great way to build lather in the bowl. The bowl with soap retails new for $25 and is hard to find online, so I would like to get that back: $25. SOLD! Thanks Starkicker and TSN!

As always, feel free to comment about my prices and descriptions in this thread. Please PM me with any other comments, questions, or inquiries.

Thanks for looking,

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Great deals! I wish I wasn't thinning my den Sad

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All items sold! Thanks everyone and Shave Nook. Moderators, please archive.

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