07-08-2014, 04:03 PM
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I am narrowing down my soap stash but I have two that I would not mind trading plus a razor I would not mind letting go of. I would like to trade either of the following for Tiki Set Sail.

1. Tiki Grand Cru. This was a LE run and it smells like musty grapes.

2. Mystic Waters Jeff's Lavender. Great Lavender scent, I have trouble lathering it.

3. Schick Injector L Type with injector blades. I probably would want a little more for this one, but would be willing to work something out.

4. I also have a broken in Semogue 1460 I would trade straight up for the soap.

If anyone has some Set Sail to trade, either Tallow or Vegan, let me know. If someone would let go of their B&M Fougere, I would probably be willing to trade 2 - 3 of these to get it.

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