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All prices include postage in UK. More than happy to ship int but please PM for costs.

Also drop me a PM with email address for more photos

[Image: 1ca8c206e2aa2b30e58663aab063844e_zpsee1a688c.jpg]

Muhle R41 - Rose Handle as as new - £25

Gillette Tech - price reduced to £20. Still haven't been able to find other examples of this handle type so no more info but a lovely razor

Mint condition 1946 Gold Aristocrate. Bought NOS and no reason to think otherwise. I haven't used so as good as when I bought it. - SOLD

Lovely example, boxed with razor blade holder - £50

Gillette Old Type Single Ring. Bought from TSR member. Very nice condition with very little plate loss. No cracks. Metal box tarnished but all works fine

Asking what I paid - £50

[Image: c2ba64f4a364dfe531675d926f7f5d9a_zps2bea98d0.jpg]

[Image: 965d4595b92de0e7abb420a845efda02_zpsbfc9e926.jpg]

[Image: 51f31a7371fc065df6ad518b95ee0db4_zps19ad9376.jpg]

[Image: 263dda751f84b8c9e4447ad497eca554_zps3914e415.jpg]

Morris Red Imp. I thought long and hard about letting this one go. Bought from Jamie a few months ago. Absolutely lovely example of the Red Imp, very close to mint. Just under 5/8 I think, with box also mint. I just prefer larger blades otherwise this would be a keeper. Shave ready - £100 - SOLD

Sansoucci Solingen Straight. 6/8. Bought from Neil Miller. Could do with a light touch up but excellent first straight. Slight fading on gold wash but otherwise excellent condition - £60 - SOLD

[Image: 2a44dab78ed9a2428401d032f8054661_zps0d00c066.jpg]

Wade and Butcher "the Bow". OK condition...shiney but some pitting and slight warp. Honed by UKRob and actually gives a fantastic shave as you would expect - £45 - TRADED

Feather Artist SS. As new, with box. This is the wooden handled Japanese import. Looks like a 1970s kitchen knife but its a bit different and nicely finished - £60 - SOLD

[Image: 12bb37f1e94e65b069768d24d153c1f9_zpse696c469.jpg]

[Image: 10674834b603561c4ebea6b91057a14a_zps7589e5ab.jpg]

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 07-19-2014, 03:46 AM
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Solingen now sold

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