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Currently selling a series of brushes I no longer use and relisting some SRs I still have for sale. All prices include shipping CONUS, and please ask questions on anything if I missed a good photo or didn't include the right information.

All SRs are shave ready, freshly honed and finished on a Gokumyo 20k, followed by stropping on English Bridle. Additionally, if you are looking for a "starter" SR, I have a few cosmetically flawed ones which I have available for $30-$35.

5/8 Joseph Rodgers & Sons Album

[Image: rVpyYZ6.jpg]

Scales were completed by Shavesmith in a carbon fiber. This razor is slick, it is awesome, and it is the only small razor I tolerated for a very long time. Joseph Rodgers, cutlers to their Majesties, were a very nice under-the-radar brand for some time, but somewhere along the line word got out of how awesome these things shave, and alas I haven't been able to pick up a larger one for any kind of decent price. Asking $70. SOLD

Omega R & B in tufted boar & Omega 31064 Album

[Image: M5ZnjZl.jpg?1]

I keep trying to go to Omega brushes but seem to strike out with them. The R & B and 31064 both have extremely high accolades as being the softest and top of the line Omegas to get. Both of these brushes have about 3 months worth of palm lathers for break-in. The 31064 has its typical splitting of the plastic ring, but otherwise both are in excellent condition. Asking $30 as a lot. Sold pending funds

Semogue SOC 2012 SE & Barbear Clasico Mistura Album

[Image: oDFb17n.jpg]

Both of these knots are extremely loved by their users for being soft at the tips but with excellent backbone to get hairs standing up and ready for mowing. The 2012 SE has about 7 months of palm lathers, while the Mistura has about 3 months of them. The Mistura still has a little ways to go I think before full break-in, but both generate monster lather. Asking $75 as a lot. SOLD

BGS Vie Long Silvertip in faux ivory Beehive Album

[Image: 85s00Ge.jpg]

A superbly dense brush with some of the most distinct, velvety tips I have tried. So very unlike other brands, supposedly Vie Long uses the same hair as Plisson, and in this beehive handle there is a seriously winning combination. I am the original owner, and have had this brush for about 10 months, but have not used it more than perhaps 20 times. Has lost perhaps 3 hairs in that timeframe and the label on the bottom is starting to fade, as is shown in the photos. Asking $100 SOLD

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