07-23-2014, 08:16 PM
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** Sold to a nice gentlemen **

Up for sale is a brand new Simpson Emperor 3 in Super badger. This brush was purchased new from Jared at The Superior Shave, it's brand new and never used.

The knot is 21.5mm with a loft of 49mm.

It cost USD $179. I'm asking for USD $150 - Paypal is fine, includes tracked shipping worldwide and bonus gifts below Blush

Please stay tuned as I will be selling more brushes Biggrin

The Emperor in all his glory:

[Image: d37f9c.jpg]

From the back:

[Image: 1aa0fa.jpg]

The Emperor's crown:

[Image: 8c7b3f.jpg]

From the top:

[Image: 9febd3.jpg]

Some small gifts of Simpsons Aftershave Balm (brand new) and Yamadamatsu Sandalwood incense (20 sticks):

[Image: 786329.jpg]

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