07-25-2014, 02:54 AM
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** to a nice gentleman from the south **

Up for sale is a Canica Chief with a TGN Finest 2 band knot. Canica is an artisan brush maker in Spain and this brush was custom made in both shape and material. The brush has been used 5 times.

The knot is 24mm with a 50mm loft.

The cost was EUR 72. Asking USD $70 which includes tracked worldwide shipping and a small gift. Paypal is fine.

Front face:

[Image: 5c3675.jpg]

Close up:

[Image: 59e52c.jpg]


[Image: 998a8e.jpg]

Small gift of Jack Black Double Duty Facial Moisturiser 44mm 1.5 oz (used only once).

[Image: 4e02d0.jpg]

If you have any questions, please ask.


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 07-25-2014, 06:37 PM
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Beautiful brush. Top looks more like a Simpsons Commodore and bottom definitely looks like the Chief.

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 07-26-2014, 12:15 AM
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The handle top was styled after the M&F Chief, the base was styled after Elite Razor's Seven with it's exaggerated waist and rounded base for ergonomics. The ring finger rests very nicely on this rounded base section, Bob obviously put a lot of thought into his design. If I were to change anything I'd put a flange or a crimp at the top for grip.

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 07-26-2014, 06:30 AM
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Great looking brush. Now for my wallet's sake can someone please buy this already!

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