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I'm offering for sale three nice razors from my dwindling collection of Gillettes. Some French floozies have been pushing these guys out of my den. What can I say?

Payment via Paypal, shipping within the US is included in the price. I will ship internationally for a little extra money.

SOLD First up is the Gillette Rhodium Executive. These were sold circa 1949 and have to be the classiest and coolest set Gillette ever sold. They are also one of only two rhodium plated razors Gillette made in the US, the other being the President. This razor is one of the more aggressive Gillette solid guard bar TTOs, in my opinion, which makes it a very nice, efficient shaver. Included is the case, razor, and bottom of the shipper (the top was lost long ago). The mirrors on these Executive cases degrade and become discolored, as you can see in the photo. The razor I am selling has some haze on the TTO doors. Everything else is bright and shiny, and there are no scratches on this razor. The TTO mechanism works perfectly. I am asking $175. SOLD

[Image: RhExec.jpg]

[Image: RhExec2.jpg]

[Image: RhExec3.jpg]

SOLD Next up is a 1948-1950 Aristocrat. This is housed in a 1947 Aristocrat case, including the blade bank filled with Gillette Blue blades. I have read about some of these mismatched sets, and some think these came from the factory this way. Perhaps Gillette was using up the extras? Who knows? As a 48-50 Aristocrat, this razor has the notches on the center bar. The gold plating is intact, but there is a loss of lacquer on the edges of the TTO doors that appears to be the result of use. The razor has no scratches or signs of abuse, and the TTO mechanism is perfect. I am asking $85. SOLD

[Image: Aristocrat1.jpg]

[Image: Aristocrat2.jpg]

[Image: Aristocrat3.jpg]

SOLD Finally is a Super Speed with date code X3. The razor comes with the original early 1950s plastic case. The plating is intact. The TTO doors show some very faint marks from use. The TTO mechanism works as it should, but it squeaks. I know there are several ways to eliminate the squeak, but I have not tried any of them, as it doesn't affect the razor's use. I am asking $35. SOLD

[Image: Superspeed1.jpg]

[Image: Superspeed2.jpg]

Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!

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Great offerings Andrew! GLWTS

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