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Last week I picked up another off beat aftershave.

Sir William-a product by The Barber Shop Company of Uvalda ,Ga.I have several other products from them that are pretty good.

I'll start with the packaging.A slightly frosted plastic squeeze bottle with a flip top dispenser,a painted logo and ingredient list.Definitely not spending a lot on packaging but not a problem as in use this bottle works well.

The aftershave itself is a light sunny yellow of watery consistency.The scent is old school barber shop with a twist.It starts off in the neighborhood of Clubman but softer as in Sportsman(which many have not smelled),then add in some sweet lemon and a touch of vanilla.( Clubman vanilla with lemon added would also be a fair comparison)Upon applying the liquid there is a faint bitterness that I associate with a barbershop.Maybe the scent of Vitalis type hair tonic.That adds to the barber shop aura.Any way the bitterness fades away soon and you are left with a floral- sweet lemony scent that has a medium projection for a hour or two and then settles fairly close to the skin and sticks around for 10+ hours.

I have not had a bad shave since I bought this so I cannot comment on its healing properties,but it contains propylene glycol so that should be adequate for most times.When I do apply it ,it is nice soothing and refreshing.

I can see barber shops using this as their house brand.It is nice smelling ,not too loud.As a barber I would probably add some witch hazel.Also the company sells it in gallon jugs for the trade.

The ingredients are benzyl alcohol,deionized water,propylene glycol,fragrance ,color.

I paid 7.99 USd for what looks like 12 ounces of aftershave lotion(the bottle has no capacity markings).So it is very economical.

I like this stuff.I won't be wearing it every day but it will go into my workday rotation of scents.

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