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Hello everyone and thank you to those that said hello in my other thread. In any case I just wanted to ask you good folks what the best balde you guys think is for this particular type of razor, but before you answer let me give you a little background info and I apologize in advance if I bore you.

I started wet shaving towards the end of may, well not really that's just when I got my first DE razor and to make things better it was the one from the infomercial from the dude from pawn stars. The only reason I looked into that was because I have always or least was a cartridge shaver (Gillette Fusion ProGlide). I was down to my last 2 cartridges and I was in dire need to shave my head and face and I did so with the cartridges I had left. Turns out that my cartridge was only good for 2 shaves of head and face (the 3rd one was dull). So as it turns out I ran out of cartridges and went into ALL stores looking for the best deal for a reup. Turns out those refills are expensive. Target had 4 cartridges for $19.99 (and that was a sale), Costco had them like 12 for $40. I said hell no that's too expensive.

I started looking at alternatives and then I was drinking late one night browsing internet porn with my TV on and that infomercial came on and then I thought to myself let me give it a shot at least it's the same price as 4 cartridges and this DE razor comes with 12 blades.

Went to my nearest Walgreens and bought the razor and shave my head first because I know to be more careful with it and it gave me a decent shave just like the Fusion. I didn't shave my face because I was scared to shave under my chin and the neck area and thought I would cut myself. Anyhow I continued to shave my head with it and actually enjoyed it (and all that time I was doing it with canned goo). Then I decided to do more research, and to my enjoyment I found this forum along with other things online and thought to myself where the hell was all this info when I started shaving at 15?!?!

I kept looking for more info and saw many videos on YouTube and found so much helpful info. In this forum someone mentioned Maggards has cheap, affordable starter razors so I made the decision to order a razor from them and ordered the MR6. When I got it I thought to myself this is a heavy razor but I'm a strong guy I can handle it. I started shaving with it and the blades that came with the Pawn Star razor (Cheap Dorcos) and since the razor is so heavy I nicked a lot of my face and was chewed up. But I didn't quit, I kept going and the nicks were still there and so was the irritation. A couple of days ago I went to this store I know and bought a 3 different packs of blades, 5 Astra SP, 5 DErby's and 5 Shark Super Chrome. So far by my thought of mind and the suggestion and opinions of these forums I started with the Derby's and shaved my face 1st and surprisingly gave me a decent shave. It didn't tug like my facial hair like the Dorcos but I still got nicks and cuts but I felt the shave smoother than the Dorcos. I have yet to try the Astras and Sharks but based on my long story What do you fellow shavers believe that will work best with this heavy razor?

More info on the Maggard MR6 based on their website:

Assembled Razor weight
Handle Length
Length Assembled
Handle Weight
Handle Diameter
Blade Gap
.030 same as Edwin Jagger

I'm open to suggestions and thanks in advanced to all that took the time to read my rambling.

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 08-01-2014, 03:44 AM
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First, welcome to the forum!
Second, the MR6 is indeed heavy, so I would caution that it definitely requires zero pressure to shave with. If you are new to using a DE you need to watch quite a few videos (Mantic 59, Geofatboy, etc) and get your technique down.
The Dorco ST300s that came with the Microtouch One are not the greatest. I would recommend the Astra SPs.
One more thing I advocate is to pay attention to how the blade feels on your skin. If you are making an against the grain or across the grain pass and the blade feels like it's beginning to dig in, stop. Go back to a with the grain stroke in that area. The goal is to get a clean shave without cutting yourself. Do whatever you need to to achieve that. MHO.

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 08-01-2014, 04:42 AM
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Blades are very much a YMMV item. With that said, one of my razors is a Maggard MR1. It likes Gillette Silver Blues, Gillette Platinums, Personna Med Preps, and Israeli Personna Viking's Swords. There are others, but I usually load one of these in the Maggard.

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 10-17-2014, 11:46 PM
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Try Astra SP. They offer a good balance of sharp and smooth. The price is good too!

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 11-06-2014, 04:29 PM
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Addendum: I tried a Gillette 7 O'Clock yellow in mine recently with lovely results.

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