08-04-2014, 02:26 PM
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This is in great condition. It was my daily driver for about 6 months. It does have one tiny scratch on the crown of the top plate. I dropped the top plate in the sink when I first got it (only about a 4 inch fall). It also comes with the Mühle blade guard and all packaging.

I'm only selling because it doesn't see the use it deserves since I've discovered that I'm in love with Gillette Techs.

I'd like $33 $30 $27 shipped Priority Mail with insurance and tracking in the CONUS. International, we can discuss, but you'll pay the shipping charges.

[Image: 9UhtzH.jpg]

Can't even get the scratch to show up on the picture.
[Image: yoMRfK.jpg]

[Image: NmN9c4.jpg]

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