08-08-2014, 08:03 AM
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I have a Dirty Bird 1.5 scuttle and for the most part like it.
[Image: L81HcPU.jpg]
It's wonderfully crafted and the colors are gorgeous. I notice that many of my shaving soaps can't handle the heat. They break down. This morning my MdC lost its resilience and I had to go back to the jar and continue with a face lather. I actually get far better results from my Aesop Stainless Steel bowl.
So, what soaps work well under heat?

Also, my Chubby 3 is far too big for this scuttle. It was rather comical to witness my lather (albeit slightly watery) work its way out of the bowl.
I will have to reach for my smaller brushes if I continue to use this scuttle. I slightly regret not having purchased the Bill Bowl.
Looking forward to your input.

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