08-12-2014, 05:09 AM
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Just thinning out some items that don't see much use:

1) A tub of RazoRock King Louis Lavender: Used 2-3 times
2) A tub of Monsavon: Used 5-6 times
3) Lea stick (tallow formula): Honestly, I don't remember how many times this has been used. Based on the picture, it looks like at least 2/3 of the product is remaining.
4) Palmolive stick: Unused

I'd like to sell these as a lot for $22 (which includes CONUS shipping). In other words, for what the King Louis would normally cost with shipping, you can have the whole set.

I'd also be interested in trading for a tub of D.R. Harris Arlington cream.

PM me with any questions or offers. Thanks!

[Image: AbRZGdt.jpg]
[Image: KjPpGjq.jpg][Image: AKcesWG.jpg][Image: jglBZvJ.jpg]

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