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Free shipping and choose a bonus item for any purchase over $50. For purchases under $50 add $5 shipping. Paypal and US only please. Feel free to pm me with questions or to stake your claim.

[Image: XgSuqWn.jpg]
Brushes for restoration $15 each (from L to R)
Vulfix Butterscotch 20mm knot
Faux bone (lined) SOLD
Simms Faux bone over acrylic 21mm knot
German Faux horn 23mm knot

[Image: 5wDcHuL.jpg]
(Left) Custom Mango Wood handle w/ vintage Kent mixed knot salvaged from NOS old brush (only a handful of uses, not broken in yet). 22mm x 49mm $25
(Right) Butterscotch Made Rite cased badger, bought NOS and used twice, not broken in. 21mm x 57mm $20

[Image: 3GGD1qX.jpg]
Boar Brushes $10 each
Semogue 620
Semogue 610 SOLD
Argos (HJM)

[Image: BdmZiWz.jpg]
Floris Elite Shaving Soap (used a few times 95%+remains) $20

[Image: ne9HH0W.jpg]
Vintage 90s Plisson brush (most likely European White, feels similar to Simpson Best) $40 SOLD

[Image: zM0mJzy.jpg]
Vintage Butterscotch Tulip style brush w/ TGN Best (sheds a hair or two each shave and has a stabilized crack around the circumference, as reflected in price) $10

[Image: ArjLnWz.jpg]
Omega brush w/ TGN Finest 28mm knot (measures 31mm at opening, very soft tips with firm backbone) $30

[Image: lbaaWSb.jpg]
Royall Vetiver 8 oz bottle (90% remaining) $20 SOLD

[Image: YLGTCJs.jpg]
Vintage C&E Sandalwood refill puck, has damage on box and soap where it may have been dropped. $10

[Image: 7nyuXR4.jpg]
Gold Dachs refill new $8

[Image: Gu8YMAi.jpg]
(Left) Muhle Apothecary Mug $15
(Right) Burt's Bees Apothecary Mug $10

[Image: QYPYiQP.jpg]
Bonus or add-ons ($5 ea or one free with purchases over $50
Culmak travel brushes (NOS) ONE SOLD
Every Man Jack ASB new
Every Man Jack 2 zipper dopp bag new
Bellagio ASB 95%

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