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WITHDRAWN. It's headed back to the box.

New Price - 25 bucks for the whole lot. No takers? I'll just leave it in the box in the basement.

This is one of a number of dispositions I'll be having. There's simply too much that's getting no use.

Here are six products. Prices are paypal, shipped CONUS.

1) Lavanda in a tube. About 3/4 full. $5 $4

2) The Body Shop Macca Root shave cream. 90%. $9 $7

3) LASS Bespoke #1. Great soap, just not my scent. Nearly full. $22 $16

4) Irish Twins Soap Co. A glycerin base soap I picked up at a farmers market. $5 $3

5) Mama Bears Diogenes Club Soap. This one was a group buy, no longer available. Bergamot, tobacco scent. $12 $8

6) C&E Sandalwood soap in a wood bowl. About 15% remains. I bought it to try. Too sweet for my nose. Maybe you'll like it better. Wood bowl is in great shape. $10 $7

To manage postage costs, I'll be shipping in padded envelopes.

This is sale number one from the "box in the basement." More to come.

Thanks for looking.

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