08-17-2014, 02:01 PM
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Clearing out the den as I am consolidating. Trying to start with all aggressive prices for the TSN faithful.

All of the below are priced individually unless specified as a group or set, and I will ship in orders of $25 or more.

SOLD SOLD 1) LEA Classic Set -- just not a fan of classic barbershop scents -- this is for:

• LEA Classic Shaving Cream - used once
• LEA Classic Shaving Soap - used once
• LEA Classic Aftershave Lotion (splash) -- used once

Take the LEA set of 3 items for $35 shipped. Reduced to $28 shipped SOLD SOLD

[Image: y5uu8Qb.jpg]

SOLD SOLD 2) Baum.Be shaving cream -- never used, purchased last week from SRD but I'm not a fan of the citrus scent that I pick up in it. $26 shipped. Reduced to $24 shipped SOLD SOLD

[Image: Qk77nK7.jpg]

3)Esbjerg Shaving Cream - "Rasiercreme Sesitiv" -- sensitive shaving cream (more of a croap texture) -- amazing stuff, used once -- just want to try a scented one. This one has a more natural, almost herbal scent to it. Makes gobs of yogurt texture lather with just a little bit.

Take it for $20 shipped. Reduced to $18 shipped

[Image: DEQIOJk.jpg]

SOLD SOLD 4) Brazilian beauties -- this is for 4 units of hard to get Brazilian shaving creams. I paid a premium in shipping to get these up to the States.

• Fix-Modell Lavanda - used 3 times.
• Fix-Modell Pinho - used 1 time
• Fix-Modell Tradicional - used 2 times
• Palmindaya Creme de Barbear Mentolado - used 5 times (about 80% remaining)

Take all four for $50 shipped SOLD SOLD

[Image: RotPwKG.jpg]

SOLD SOLD 5) Artisan/VDH Lot:
• Stirling Anise Glacial - used once - tub with lid included

• WSO Green Irish Tweed type (I believe this is what the scent is) - used once - tub with lid included.

• Tiki Sandalwood Veg. Formula -- never used and in metal tin with lid.

• VDH Luxury Scented - used once - tub with lid included.

• Le Savon des Volcans - Lavande (Lavender) - with asinae lac "as milk" lathers and shaves amazing! Never used, I have many backups.

• Stirling Glacial Wintergreen new in the wrapper.

Take the Lot of these 6 for $35 shipped. SOLD SOLD

[Image: 4sfUbDM.jpg]

Thanks Guys!


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 08-18-2014, 05:20 AM
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Some prices reduced on Baum.be, Esbjerb and LEA

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 08-19-2014, 08:15 PM
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Prices reduced .. I'd sell the LEA Classic trio plus Esbjerg for $35 if I can ship them to one buyer.

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