08-21-2014, 05:20 PM
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A sandalwood update for those who keep asking...

Over twenty-five volunteers have been very nearly unanimous in their enthusiastic approval of this scent. There is more agreement on this one scent than on any prior aftershave so we have high hopes for our new sandalwood aftershave.

Samples have already been shipped to all retailers so they can personally evaluate it and begin to pre-order their bottles. This allows us to ship faster once our inventory is sufficient. This takes time, however. We are still looking at an October 1 release date, possibly a bit sooner.

The good news is that The Captain and the First Mate spent a good deal of time adding a sandalwood sample to our Sampler Pack in our store. So from tonight on all purchases of this item will get to try our sandalwood and this is before it is even available in the bottle yet! Can you say, "Whet the appetite?" Wink

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