08-23-2014, 11:19 PM
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Last week, we received new hard soaps from Tcheon Fung Sing. They now completely match the Linea Intenso scents.

The hard soaps require a little longer lathering, but then will give you the slickest lather you have ever had. (probably..., I hope!)

For a short period of time, when ordering 4, we will give you the 5th scent for free!

[Image: tfsaadure125kl-380x380.jpg]

[Image: tfsbndure125kl-380x380.jpg]

[Image: tfsgdtdure125kl-380x380.jpg]

[Image: tfstvdure125kl-380x380.jpg]

[Image: tfszgdure125kl-380x380.jpg]

All on this page: http://www.barbieredifigaro.nl/en/tcheon...p-tfs-hard

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