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Although I rate Personna 74s as the best DE blades ever made, due to their longevity, they aren't at the top of my "must get more" blade list. Certainly nothing surpasses them for durability but they are at the top of the list for sharpness and smoothness as well. There are, however, a few blades that score as high in those two categories for me, with Wilkinson Sword Light Brigades being one of them. In fact, sometimes I feel the Wilkies may even be a tad smoother. It's the overwhelming advantage in longevity that puts the 74s above them. But I have plenty of the Tungsten wonders, it's the LB I'm lacking in. They come up for sale even less often than the 74s and I was just bidding on a lot of ten of them on Ebay when I was distracted at the last minute and lost out on them. So if anyone knows of any I could snag please let me know.

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